设计说明人生如戏,亦如电影,来柳州博纳国际影城观影的每一个人,不应只感动于荧幕剧情,不止单沉溺于酷炫科技,而是在这个情怀的影城,探寻到自己内心深处的电影梦,感受到*惬意休憩时光体验。Life is like a drama, like a movie, everyone who comes to liuzhou borna international film city to watch a movie llshould not only be moved by the screen, but also to enjoy cool technology, also to explore their innermost dreams and experience the most enjoyable leisure time in the film city.壮族、苗族、侗族、瑶族、回族、仫佬族等原住民,“能歌善舞、勤劳勇敢”是民族风情一绝,它的旋律、舞姿等都具有其独特而浓郁民族韵味,舞姿矫健洒脱、热情奔放。The Zhuang, Miao, Dong, Yao, Hui and Mulao ethnic groups are unique ethnic customs. Their melodies and dancing postures are unique and strong national charm, excessive vigorous置身影院中寻找设计。。。Looking for design in a movie theater...设计师:施明军

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